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TheChef is a virtual market place providing a dining and cultural experience. TheChef offers gastronomic experiences from 5 different countries like the United States, Japan, Italy, Greece, and Mexico. We present affordable and healthy dishes all huddled together under one roof.

Chef Marius Arranz realized that global cuisine has a huge impact on Miami and created a virtual platform to deliver high culinary standards with the very best in local gastronomy. It’s 5 restaurants include the best in burgers to the top steaks and freshest sushi restaurant—Miami’s finest eateries are all represented.

Food builds a community. We are honored to fill your heart and stomach with the best that you deserve. 


Miami’s virtual address for culinary delight.

When you want the best Miami has to offer, from gyros to the top steaks and freshest sushi, the finest healthy and affordable local eateries are all represented on TheChef.com.

Create your own culinary adventure with every type of cuisine imaginable thanks to The Chef. The famously diverse flavors and cultures of Miami inspired Chef Marius Arranz to create the perfect delivery service for you, with high culinary standards and the very best in local gastronomy.


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